The Real story behind the veils of misinformation in the turbulent yearsof Rajneeshpuram; the Inside story of a disciple’s journey, living in closeproximity and under the personal guidance of the Enlightened Master Osho, andthe powerful techniques he would use on this individual to free hisconsciousness from the fetters of mind. From the blazing deserts of Rajasthanto ancient hidden temples of Japan, from the banks of the Ganges and Himalayanpeaks to Tuscan forests and Andean volcanoes, from Peruvian temples lost intime to sacred pyramids and surging Hawaiian seas, The tale weaves like anecklace of jewels, each place revealing more of the hidden secrets behind theteachings received at firsthand. Herein is life wisdom and practical guidancefrom hard lessons in stone, and the secrets of real Tantra hidden in sculptureand ancient music. The author spent 12 years living, serving and imbibing atclose hand the teachings, energy and personal guidance of Osho, in life, deathand beyond. A story of beauty, wonder, mystery, and power, the laser-likesurgery of the Master’s hand removing the unessential, and revealing theflowers and diamonds amidst the tangled jungle of human illusions, fears andhopes. The journey continues beyond, as the teachings unfold through time toreveal life-changing visions of hidden mysteries, from silent Zen monasteriesand magic shrines in Japan to cataclysmic earthquakes, portals of ancientwisdom and sacred geometry in South America.

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