Bansuri, Qenas, Zamponas,  Bass Flute, Silver Flute, Harp, Keyboards, WaveDrum, and Vocals

Special thanks to Pao Pamaki for vocals on Chakra Breathing

Mixing/Mastering by RajRishi

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Photos by Ma Prem Chanchal

Graphics by RajRishi INSIDE BOOKLET:

The 4 Meditations:


Stand with feet apart wearing loose clothing. As music begins, breath deep and rhythmically  with attention at root of spinal column, the 1st Chakra (Muladhara). Music will increase in speed with each change of Chakra. indicated by a gong and Voiceover. As each chakra is announced,  focus your attention at that chakra and increase the rate of breathing with the rhythm of the music. The Second Chakra (Svadisthana) is located in the lower belly/pelvic area where are the organs of sex. The Third Chakra (Manipura) is in the Solar Plexus area The Fourth Chakra (Anahatta)  is in the center of the upper chest,  where is also the physical heart The Fifth Chakra (Vishuddha)  is located at the throat area. The Sixth Chakra (Agni)  is located between the eyebrows and in the center of the skull,  corresponding to the area of the Pineal Gland. The Seventh Chakra (Sahasrara) is at the top of the skull, also known as the crown or fontanelle. A gong will indicate to again change chakra and come down each chakra one-by-one, also slowing down the breath according to the music. At the end, will be a period of rest and silence.   Lay down on the floor with eyes closed, no movement and no sound, for a period of at least 10 minutes.  Observe what is happening inside the body and mind. If you wish  you may repeat the entire process a total of 3 times, and do the rest phase at the end of all 3.

SHORT VERSION and TWO TIMES VERSION and THREE TIMES VERSION (with 15 minutes of silence and final bell).



Stand with eyes closed and preferably blindfolded.  Wear loose clothing if possible. As the music begins,  simply let your body be as if it is a leaf in the wind;  do not move it with effort, let it move and do whatsoever it wishes without your conscious interference,  as if it is being moved by an unseen force. Let go and be available.  The music will increase gently in intensity.  As the music ends,  Lay down on the floor for at least 10 minutes and be without sound or movement.



Kneel or sit with arms open and upraised and the head turned upward with eyes closed, in an attitude of receptivity.  Breathe deeply and slowly throughout the meditation, and simply receive the energy which is coming down through your upraised hands. Take this in, and  invite it deep within you.  When you feel completely filled and can let in no more after some minutes,  then bow down to the earth, touching the earth with your forehead, and palms flat on the floor beside your head.  Let all the energy you have received pour into the earth and simply let go.  When you feel completely emptied after some minutes,   again come back to the original position and repeat the process, for a total of 7 times.  After 7 times,  lay down on the floor as if dead, eyes closed, no movement, no sound, for at least 10 minutes.



Stand with body erect, and knees flexible.  Stay loose and natural throughout the process, not forcing.  As the music begins,  have the hands on the side of the body at the level of the spinal base.  The voice will say “IN 1, OUT 2.”  This will indicate that the breath will be directed to take in energy (inhalation) through the first chakra at the spinal base,  and let it out  (exhalation)  through the 2nd chakra at the sex center.  Let the hands make  circles on the sides of the body keeping the attention focused on this process, at each area.  When the voice says “IN 1, OUT 3”.   the breath will be directed (through the attention)  to take in energy (inhalation)  through the 1st chakra, and let it out (exhalation) through the 3rd chakra, at the solar plexus.  Keep the hands indicating this circle, at each stage of the process.  The hands keep the mind focused, and the mind’s attention directs the breath.  Each new stage will be indicated by the voice. IN 2, OUT 3 indicates taking in through 2nd chakra, letting out through 3rd chakra (solar plexus)  IN 2, OUT 4 indicates taking in through 2nd chakra, letting out through 4th (heart area in chest) IN 3, OUT 4 indicates taking in through 3rd chakra, letting out through 4th. IN 3, OUT 5 indicates taking in through 3rd chakra, letting out through 5th at throat. IN 4, OUT 5 indicates taking in through 4th chakra, letting out through throatIN 4, OUT 6 indicates taking in through 4th chakra, letting out through 6th at center of eyebrows IN 5, OUT 6 i. ndicates taking in through 5th (throat), letting out through 6th. IN 5, OUT 7 indicates taking in through 5th, letting out through 7th (crown, top of head). IN 6, OUT 7 indicates taking in through 6h, letting out through 7th. IN 1, OUT 7, indicates taking in through 1st chakra, breathing with whole body, letting out through 7th. At each stage, the hand and arm circular movements keep the attention focused at the chakras where the breath is coming in or going out. At the end of the meditation,  lay down with eyes closed, no movement or sound for at least 10 minutes. The entire process can be repeated up to 3 times consecutively.  In this case, do the rest period at the end of the entire sequence of 3.  Each chakra has a particular function for the whole body, relating to issues such as survival, reproduction, willful action (power), sharing love, creativity, communication, higher mental capacities such as clairvoyance and telepathy, and connection with the Universal Source.  Remain with each chakra, letting the breath activate it,  and release tensions there. The story will unfold on its own.