Devakant is a mystic musician and artist, who has explored many pathways of inner experience and sacred tradition in the world.

His music includes Indian Classical Music, Gregorian chant, music of Zen monasteries and Tibetan Temples and shamanic traditions of Hawaii, Mexico and Peru. It is ideal for meditation, healing and energy work, relaxation as well as for the pure enjoyment of its own beauty and depth. Devakant makes meditative concerts, events, workshops and gives individual sessions around the world.

As an artist, he creates sculptures in marble, alabaster, clay, bronze, among others. Also, his art includes paintings in oil and acrylic on canvas and drawings in carbon on paper. The pieces invoke a deep reverence and communion with Nature, particularly an honoring to Mother Earth. Devakant makes pieces of art to temples, meditation centers and parks in various parts of the world.

Through his music and art, Devakant creates deep moments of sound and silence taking people into a world of mystery within, a place of peace, harmony and well-being.

You can listen and purchase the music on MUSIC ALBUMS to directly support the artist, and it is also available in Silenzio,  iTunes, Google Play and Spotify. Some of pieces of art of Devakant can be seen on ARTWORKS.